Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Epic Snow Envelopes West

For those living west of the 105th parallel and north of 36 degrees, which comprises more or less the entire western portion of the U.S. above Phoenix, you just got snow. As for the east coast? Here it comes. The National Forecast from com says,
"National Forecast Cold marches east; more rain/snow ahead Colder temperatures reach the East Coast today; another system begins to develop over the Plains."

For many, this recent storm that swept easterly across the country has resulted in snow days from school, hazardous highway driving, and sore muscles from unceasing shovel sessions in the drive. Then there are those snow-hounds that live for these storms. When not at the mountain, they spend their time reopening their bookmarked NOAA radar and freshly waxing boards in anticipation of epic snow.

At Verde, we fall somewhere in between I think. For us, this recent, abounding snowfall represents not only fresh pow, but also a sign of healthy snowpack that translates into springtime meltdown madness. New snow is also a fantastic reason to get out and shred, and capture everything on our GoPro Helmet Hero.

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