Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mountainfilm Guest Blogger of the Week

It's only the second week of the Mountainfilm in Telluride guest blog series, and already it's a staple for my Friday mornings. This Friday, January 18, Jonathan Browning is the guest.

Jonathan is a filmmaker, comedian and actor, in addition to being a damn, nice guy. You should check out his website: What's the work day for if not to cruise MySpace under the auspices of "networking"? Jonathan has a MySpace page where I passed a good half hour watching his comedy routines. His involvement with Mountainfilm began when his film, The Job showed at the festival.

Jonathan's post for Friday gave me goosebumps (in my sneak peak). I don't want to ruin the message, but it's a reminder that one person can instigate positive change.

The amazing thing about going through this process with Mountainfilm and the guest bloggers is how genuinely happy the guests are to post. Mountainfilm truly does have the power to change lives and inspire action. Jonathan Browning and the rest of the contributors are integral parts of that.

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