Thursday, August 30, 2007

Teva highlights eVent® fabrics in new fall ad campaign

Teva's Wraptor Stability eVent debuts this fall

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hot Chillys Spices Up Website

Pulsing red dots mesmerize visitors as they click on the newly revamped Hot Chillys website. No, you are not seeing things; these new dots offer quick hits for visitors to find the coolest and newest features on

Hot Chillys has spiced up their website to reflect their ever-innovative and fun winter apparel, while also offering customers easy navigation for finding the best Hot Chillys products for their winter sport needs. There’s also a great retail locator to help them find a local retailer that has the latest and greatest styles.

Some new website features of note include:
• “Where’s the Snow?” – a link that takes users to featuring ski resorts from around the world with updates on snow reports, quickly locating the deepest powder for making new trails.
• Chillys by Activity – based on the aerobic activity level of your favorite winter sports, find the best Hot Chillys products for your next adventure.
• Base Layer 101 – provides important information about using base layers in winter activities and gives the skinny on Hot Chillys robust performance fabric technologies.
• Product Find-O-Matic – offers more fun ways to filter your search criteria including a fun “Activity Meter” that can classify you as someone who likes “Chillin’ and grillin’ with a cold one” to define your ideal activity level.
• Recipes – we all know Hot Chillys is all about the “Fiesta” of life, and the recipe page offers up some of their favorite icy drinks and spicy dishes. Everything is more fun with good friends, good drinks and good food. After a rigorous day playing out in the snow you know you’ll be hungry and thirsty and these recipes spice it up and keep you warm after shredding through deep powder all day.
• Retail Finder - finding a retailer with your favorite Hot Chillys gear is as easy as a click of the mouse.

Check out all these features at

Friday, August 24, 2007

eVent® fabrics Receives Prestigious American Alpine Institute “Guides’ Choice” Award

Officials from the American Alpine Institute (AAI) awarded eVent® fabrics, and a new Kayland product made with eVent fabrics, the prestigious “Guides’ Choice” award at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, 2007. In existence for over three decades, the AAI award is one of the strongest endorsements in the outdoor industry regarding performance and durability of specific products and technology. “AAI guides test product on climbs around the world, in a wide spectrum of rigorous conditions,” said Dunham Gooding, president of AAI. “Our gear tests are conducted in six states and 16 countries, and expose gear to every imaginable environmental challenge. A typical six-month test will put as much wear on a product as it would get in six to 10 years of use by a recreational user,” Gooding continued. The AAI award showcased eVent fabrics’ technology: “Testers found that with the use of Direct Venting™ technology, eVent fabrics waterproof fabrics let sweat escape up to twice as fast as common waterproof/breathables. With eVent fabrics, they stayed dry on the inside, overheated less, had less post exercise chill, and were more comfortable in both wet and dry conditions.” The Kayland Apex Rock Boot, made with eVent fabrics, was also cited as an award winner as “an excellent choice for three season alpine climbing.” Gooding noted, “The eVent fabrics liner, combined with its technical design, gives the boot unmatched versatility.”

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sierra Designs Thinks Outside the Bag

Ask any outdoorsperson what makes a sleeping bag comfortable. They will likely tell you some combination of warmth and tight fit, because dead space in your bag robs heat. In fact, traditional sleeping bag technology has been defined by limited mobility, as this website pulled from wikipedia confirms (scroll down to "mummy" definition). That's a bit odd since tightness and comfort rarely go hand-in-hand. Really, not since the days of disco and painted-on Wrangler jeans has a tight fit been considered comfortable.

Since 2005, Sierra Designs has reconsidered this contradictory concept, that a sleeping bag should constrict mobility to deliver warmth and comfort, with its Flex Series sleeping bags. The bags have built-in flex that allows the user to move and creates a more precise fit, which results in higher thermal efficiency. Isn't it ironic...don't ya think?

New for 2008, Sierra Designs is introducing the Ultralight Series designed with selective flex application to reduce weight but maintain warmth and comfort. This new bag series demonstrates Sierra Designs' commitment to the outdoor experience with new innovations and performance features, and recently the incorporation of new eco-friendly materials. Outdoors and mountain lifestyle run deep in Sierra Designs' company culture with their Green Effect program illustrating their proactive integration of business and environment.