Monday, February 18, 2008

Steph Davis Explains Why She Climbs and BASE Jumps

Telluride Mountainfilm's blog has a guest blogger series, with a new post every Friday. Steph Davis was the guest blogger from this past Friday. She is a climber, author and BASE Jumper.

To a lot of people, she would simply be considered an adrenaline junkie. I disagree. I'd call her an incredible athlete with a phenomenal amount of courage. I believe that most athletes who pursue feats that the rest of world deems 'crazy' are actually very calculated and deliberate. Besides, for those who like to push the envelope -the envelope actually gets bigger with experience.

Steph's post is a very cool explanation of why she does what she does. If you can't see details in the pictures, blow them up. She's soloing most of the climbs shown. And tune in every Friday to Mountainfilm's guest series. These people are truly inspiring.

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