Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sharon Osbourne Takes a Celebrity Lap with a Helmet HERO

This one is priceless. It's really Sharon Osbourne wearing a Helmet HERO, with hubby Ozzy, taking some kind of victory lap on the Chris Moyles show. The purpose of her jog is a mystery, but the outcome is pretty funny. The only thing funnier than the video itself may be the comments on YouTube: "She runs good for a 55 year old woman", "Ozzy, Sharon & Chris Moyles.....all wankers." "She runs like an old bat, she is so d--n fat.", and "That Helmet HERO is da bomb! Every wanker needs one!" Alright, the last one is fake, but the rest are legit. Now we have to wait for the GoPro footage to appear on YouTube.

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