Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sportiva Stacks its Deck with New Climbing Aces

La Sportiva is expanding its current climbing team with new athletes from all the ascent-oriented disciplines; from alpine, to sport, to boulder. While their respective segments of climbing may differ, all the team members have one thing in common, they go up, and do so in style. Demonstrating excellence in their sport, in the form of comp wins or remarkable ascents, allowed each member a coveted spot on La Sportiva's North American team. Among these notable feats was new team member Alex Honnold's repeat of Peter Croft's famous single-day solo of Astroman and the North Face of Rostrum in the Yosemite Valley. Suffice to say that the team members bring to the table a laundry list of competitive successes and noteworthy climbing experience that will strengthen Sportiva's existing team. For more info on La Sportiva's new climbing team click here, or check out the company's team website.

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