Thursday, February 14, 2008

Conservation Alliance Legacy Fund - Are You In?

In the nearly 20 years since the Alliance’s inception, the Conservation Alliance has donated $6.2 million to preserving wildplaces, including their most recent win, protecting 1200 acres in the Wapack Wilderness in New Hampshire. Also, 100-percent of their membership dues go directly back to their conservation efforts, and the Alliance hopes to donate $900K in 2008.

At the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show, The Conservation Alliance made a big announcement about their new endowment initiative. The North Face, Patagonia Kelty, REI, Merrell, Camelbak and Montrail founder Menno Van Wyk, and many others, are teaming up with the Conservation Alliance to launch a new initiative to secure the permanence and growth of the Alliance.

This new initiative, called The Conservation Alliance Legacy Fund, is helping to fund the operational expenses of the Alliance to enable them to continue their efforts in preserving wildlands.

Not only does this mean that the Alliance can outlive us all, but it also means that thousands of more acres will be preserved for future generations of recreationalists. The Alliance can focus more heavily on its efforts and additional contributions to go right back into their conservation projects, since they won’t have to concern themselves with covering their operational expenses.

The NorthFace and REI are some of the biggest contributors so far; NorthFace donated the largest amount of $1million!

Check out this podcast about the Legacy Fund on SNEWS.

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