Friday, September 28, 2007

Three Leaf Launches Consumer Blog - "Conscious Spending"

The news just keeps coming from Three Leaf, which is a Santa Barbara-based online greetings company, serving a greater good.

To help facilitate the green movement online, Three Leaf launched their new consumer forum called "Conscious Spending." Here, anybody who has interests in environmental and social issues can come to discuss the hottest topics, share stories, get tips, read what's new in the industry and more.

The link is Topics covered include green living, tips, online greetings, conscious consumerism, great causes and more.

This open forum encourages sincere discussions around the topics that are most significant to the preservation of our earth for future generations. The intent of the blog is to provide an online avenue to share stories, ideas and reports on how consumers can take small steps to make big changes.

Also check out their free climate cards HERE.

[Conscious Spending Blog]

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