Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jetboil. Everywhere you go, there they are.

I have a google alert set up for Jetboil. But I am thinking about canceling it because of the sheer volume of emails it generates. Just yesterday I read an article in the Chicago Tribune about a Martha Stewart-esque woman (named Mary Jane Butters if you can believe it) running a picture perfect B&B in Idaho complete with organic sheets from Butters' own collection and chocolate bars from her own line of organic backpacking food. Every room (walled tent, actually) features a Jetboil and Java Press for guests to make their own coffee. You can read the story here.

And then I learned that the PCS was included on the Food Network's mini-series, Feasting on Asphalt 2 - a series about the culinary discoveries of Alton Brown (also of Good Eats and Iron Chef) as he cruises the country on his motorcycle. I guess some folks at a Civil War reenactment festival were using it to boil water as they explained the history of coffee preparation during civil war times.

Like I said, everywhere you go, there they are. (Sorry for the bad Photoshop job)

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