Friday, September 21, 2007

Why Mions won't rip your toenail off on an escalator

In the news this week were articles on the dangers of wearing certain injection-molded shoes on escalators. One Website reports that Washington D.C. Metro has even posted warnings to subway riders to yield caution when wearing such shoes on their escalators.

According to Mion General Manager Erik Burbank, what drives the escalator issue is that Crocs shoes don't have an outsole, just raw EVA molded to look like an outsole. "That EVA is soft and can get pinched between the gaps of the escalator," Burbank explained.

Though it is injection-molded footwear, Mion makes its shoes with an outsole, and a GripStick(TM) rubber outsole at that.

So, rest assured, Mion is pretty much insurance for your toes.

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