Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Verde's Newby

Verde PR welcomes our newest Account Manager Brook Sutton!

After fifteen years of following the snow, Brook happily joins the Verde team in Durango as of October 2007.

Raised in the booming metropolis of Big Bear Lake, California, her love of the mountains and the ocean (two scant hours away) defined her future.

Enrollment in universities was decided by a complex formula including the following factors: distance to nearest ski area divided by access to the greatest number of public beaches, quantity and lengths of single track, number of caffeine distribution sites, and – of course – academic excellence. She used her math skills to find Verde as well, but that is a secret formula, now proprietary to Verde.

Brook brings fifteen years experience in the ski industry from a career of teaching skiing in California, Colorado and Europe. When not on snow, she spends her free time rafting the great desert rivers of the West, setting blisteringly slow times on her road bike, running (more precisely – jogging), and surfing (more precisely – shakily popping up on a ten foot soft board in two foot of foam outwash while envisioning herself killin’ it on T’eahupoo).

"Representing Verde and its family of remarkable clients presents a unique opportunity," Brook noted. "I look forward to supporting clients and products I believe in, work with industries I love, and liaise with the vast spectrum of media and communicators I deeply admire."

Sorry this post did not go up as scheduled yesterday, but I was busy looking up "liaise."


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