Friday, October 12, 2007

Krakauer Sports His Sportiva's for New Movie

The October Issue of NGA ran an article detailing the making of the movie-version of Jon Krakauer's book, Into the Wild. His on-set sneaks-of-choice were a pair of beat-up La Sportiva Exum Ridges clearly visible in the first photograph of him and director Sean Penn. Flip through the following pages and there is a photo of the pair scaling the Yanert Glacier in Alaska apparently during some filming. The jury is still out, but it looks like Penn is wearing some Trango S Evo GTX's and possibly the Trango Alp GTX on Krakauer. While I am still convinced they are La Sportiva's, a definitive answer may require a well-developed, trained eye that can recognize the subtleties and nuances of all the La Sportiva styles.
*I am not sure if posting the images constitutes actual copyright infringement, but I think the scan job is bad enough so that no-one would care.

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KCO said...

I heart Sean Penn.