Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Marathon Mom's Pre-Race Prep

Marathons are, relatively speaking, an insanely serious endeavor. Preparing to competitively run 26.2 miles requires an absurd amount of training and meticulous nutrition to ensure that your body doesn't mutiny against you at any point.

On her Runner' blog, Dimity has revealed that, for a marathon mom, prepping for a race isn't just about mental preparedness and centering your chi; It's about color coordination. Her latest blog post lists four available outfit options for the race, complete with pros and cons for each relating to fit, function, and style. She is encouraging blog users to cast a vote via commenting below for the one they think is best. So far, the polls seem to suggest that fashion ranks highest when deciding how to vote. Gu pockets, practicality and functionality are also priorities in the minds of voters but, let's face it, being ready for a race is all about looking fabulous when you cruise up to the start line. Cast your vote on Dimity's blog.

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