Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sierra Designs Thinks Outside the Bag

Ask any outdoorsperson what makes a sleeping bag comfortable. They will likely tell you some combination of warmth and tight fit, because dead space in your bag robs heat. In fact, traditional sleeping bag technology has been defined by limited mobility, as this website pulled from wikipedia confirms (scroll down to "mummy" definition). That's a bit odd since tightness and comfort rarely go hand-in-hand. Really, not since the days of disco and painted-on Wrangler jeans has a tight fit been considered comfortable.

Since 2005, Sierra Designs has reconsidered this contradictory concept, that a sleeping bag should constrict mobility to deliver warmth and comfort, with its Flex Series sleeping bags. The bags have built-in flex that allows the user to move and creates a more precise fit, which results in higher thermal efficiency. Isn't it ironic...don't ya think?

New for 2008, Sierra Designs is introducing the Ultralight Series designed with selective flex application to reduce weight but maintain warmth and comfort. This new bag series demonstrates Sierra Designs' commitment to the outdoor experience with new innovations and performance features, and recently the incorporation of new eco-friendly materials. Outdoors and mountain lifestyle run deep in Sierra Designs' company culture with their Green Effect program illustrating their proactive integration of business and environment.

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