Friday, August 24, 2007

eVent® fabrics Receives Prestigious American Alpine Institute “Guides’ Choice” Award

Officials from the American Alpine Institute (AAI) awarded eVent® fabrics, and a new Kayland product made with eVent fabrics, the prestigious “Guides’ Choice” award at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, 2007. In existence for over three decades, the AAI award is one of the strongest endorsements in the outdoor industry regarding performance and durability of specific products and technology. “AAI guides test product on climbs around the world, in a wide spectrum of rigorous conditions,” said Dunham Gooding, president of AAI. “Our gear tests are conducted in six states and 16 countries, and expose gear to every imaginable environmental challenge. A typical six-month test will put as much wear on a product as it would get in six to 10 years of use by a recreational user,” Gooding continued. The AAI award showcased eVent fabrics’ technology: “Testers found that with the use of Direct Venting™ technology, eVent fabrics waterproof fabrics let sweat escape up to twice as fast as common waterproof/breathables. With eVent fabrics, they stayed dry on the inside, overheated less, had less post exercise chill, and were more comfortable in both wet and dry conditions.” The Kayland Apex Rock Boot, made with eVent fabrics, was also cited as an award winner as “an excellent choice for three season alpine climbing.” Gooding noted, “The eVent fabrics liner, combined with its technical design, gives the boot unmatched versatility.”

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