Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hot Chillys Celebrates the Coming of Winter

Perhaps it was the 60-degree days in November that really made us question if winter would arrive at all. Eager skiers and powder-hounds who dug out their gear for the season, did so prematurely, and witnessed their freshly waxed skis collect freshly deposited dust. I should know, I was one of them. Countless hours of wall sits and back squats seemed to be in vain as the skies and mountains remained dry.

But all that has changed in the past few days as winter has decided to rear itself once again with snow abounding in some areas. Of course, winter only reinforces the cool weather vibe that is felt year-round over at Hot Chillys. These guys live for those first flakes to come down. They even have link for snow reports on their website.

Over here at Verde we are celebrating as well. Southwest Colorado finally got its share of the white stuff, helping a few ski areas open more terrain than the man-made strip under the lift. I never want to hear the phrase "rip the strip" again.

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